Ontario Knife Chromatics 4 Piece Cycoloy Cutlery Set | 3600x

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Ontario Knife Chromatics 4 Piece Cycoloy Cutlery Set | 3600x


Expected on January 1, 2022


New for 2020, the OKC Chromatics 4 piece Cycoloy Cutlery Set includes a spreader knife, slicing knife, utility knife and a polypropylene cutting board. Ideal for camping or outdoor use, this Chromatics cutlery is made of "Cycoloy" (a polycarbonate blend), and therefore offers exceptional heat and impact resistance. The Chromatics Spreader features a 3.5" rounded top blade and is 8.5" in overall length. The Chromatics Slicer/Slicing Knife has a 6" blade and is 11" overall. The Chromatics Utility Knife features a 4" blade ideal for paring and other general utility applications and is 8.5" overall. The Chromatics Cutlery itself is available in bright, highly visible colors with a matching Polypropylene cutting board measuring 11.8" L x 7.8" w. Available Colors: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple and Yellow.

Availability Note: The first production run of the Ontario Chromatics 4 Piece Cutlery Set should be completed by and between April and June 2020.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review