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Ontario Knife 6150 Air Force Survival Knife, Leather Wrapped Handle




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The Ontario Knife 6150, 499 Air Force Survival Knife has become an Ontario CLASSIC also used by US Armed Forces. The 5" plain edge blade has a .17" thickness with a flat bevel with swedge grind and an HRC of 50-55. A zinc phosphate finish over the tough high carbon 1095 steel helps protect from rust. Unique to the Ontario 6150, 499 Air Force Survival Knife is it's brown leather wrapped handle which is about 4.5" long. The Ontario 6150, 499 Air Force Survival Knife has an overall length of 9.5". The Ontario 6150, 499 Air Force Survival Knife carries on a belt loop with a brown leather sheath with a sharpening stone.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike the exclusive Walmart version of this knife, this model of the Ontario 6150 499 Air Force Survival Knife IS authentic and is made in the USA and features the fuller on the knife blade. It will ship DIRECT from the OKC plant in Franklinville, NY.

Ontario 6150, 499 Air Force Survival Knife Snapshot:

  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Blade Length: 5"
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Thickness: .17"
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Blade Grind: Flat Bevel w/Swedge
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Blade Material: 1095 Carbon Steel
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Blade Finish: Zinc Phosphate
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Blade HRC/Hardness: 50-55 HRC
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Handle Material: Leather Wrapped
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Handle Length: 4.5"
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Handle Color: Brown
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Overall Length: 9.5"
  • 499 Air Force Survival Knife Carry System: Belt Loop, Brown Leather Sheath with Sharpening Stone (Replacement Sheaths available HERE)

The 499 Air Force Survival Knife is made in the U.S.A.

Editor's Review of Ontario 499 Air Force Survival Knife: By far, one of the most popular Ontario Knives on the market, the 499 Air Force Survival knife is meant to be used! The brown leather wrapped handle is rare if not completely unique to Ontario Knives. The 499 Air Force Survival Knife is a smaller knife than the 498 Marine Combat Knife. Its size does make it fairly comfortable to carry on your belt loop. Overall, the 499 Air Force Survival Knife is easy to get a hold off and put to work.


  • 5
    total package

    Posted by Brian Lane on May 17th 2021

    5 star knife. Only downfall to the whole package was the button on the inside of the sheath. It has a tendency to scratch against the side of the knife leaving unnecessary scratches. Other than that it is the total package.

  • 5
    Knife, survival

    Posted by Larry Oliver on Oct 12th 2020

    Was as stated! Sheath as stated! All were as description. Very very satisfied with product!!!!

  • 4
    499 Air Force Survival Knife 6150

    Posted by ANITA STRATTON on Aug 15th 2020

    I got this for a friend. He was very pleased and excited to receive it. he had one like it a long time ago.

  • 5
    Quality Knife, don't believe all the reviews.

    Posted by Anakin on Jul 29th 2020

    I had checked reviews from multiple sites and everyone had said the blade comes rounded or super dull, but they either don't know how a knife like this should properly be sharpened or had a bad knife. But my personal experience, it wasn't razor sharp, but a survival knife isn't supposed to be, it comes sharp enough to keep a durable blade and cut through what you need, you can sharpen it with a stone and make it a little easier to cut through things but don't sharpen too much as the blades edge could become brittle and susceptible to dings and damage. I personally rubbed some gun oil across the blade, and leather handle, as well as all the leather on the sheath as it seemed a little dry, but after that this knife so far is one of the best quality knives I've bought. If you want something similar to a Ka-bar but shorter and just different from something everyone else already has, I would recommend this knife.

  • 3
    499 Air Force Survival Knife

    Posted by Jeff Bradley on Dec 11th 2019

    Just got the knife today. The blade is nowhere near sharp. Not even close. Very disappointing. In addition, I never got an email with a tracking number.

  • 5
    499 Air Force survival knife

    Posted by Chad Rose on Mar 7th 2019

    Great knife

  • 1

    Posted by Michael Fanelli on Feb 27th 2019

    The knife looks great, but the blade was never honed. The blade from tip to base was rounded. Never expected to receive a knife that had NO edge. I am a retiered USAF Colonel, still have my ORIGINAL USAF SURVIVAL knife Givin to me as my pilot survival knife. The knife is 40 years old and is as sharp as it was 40 years ago. I've had to regrind the edge in order to hone it. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  • 3

    Posted by Daniel Glass on Sep 3rd 2018

    I just recently purchased this knife and was pleased with overall fit and finish. I did go ahead and oil and wax the leather compressed handle and sheath. But what I was not impressed with was the angle and grind on the knife blade edge! It seems to be about a 30•to 40• bevel but there was no burnish or burr on the edge. This may be due to blade thickness, but I did truly expect a razor sharp knife from factory!

  • 5
    Top drawer service and true milspec knife

    Posted by Lance on Feb 14th 2018

    Firstly, let me compliment the folk at this outfit. If you have technical questions, they WILL get thru to somebody who knows the answer at Ontario, something not always easy to do. The (old name) Jet Pilot Knife brings back a lot of memories, of issued knives, and others bought just for fun, and totally faithful to funky old originals, which actually were a Marbles design, and why it resembles the old Marbles knives so much. The knife has the differentially drawn down tempered areas per spec, getting softer at ricasso and softest back in tang, the higher Rc rating specified for the edged blade itself. Made to be extremely shock resistant and take a beating, and the knife still used at SERE schools, i believe. About the only functional difference between the current Ontario, and, for instance, and older Camillus, would be edge thickness. Ontario leaves the edge thicker, which cuts down in finer slicing, but increases overall toughness of the knife. The Ontario is a tougher knife period, where often older Camillus knives could be ground too thin, with needle points, not at all up to scoring a Perspex canopy for pounding a hole through it, nor puncturing metal. If you do not care for the issue color or lack thereof of the leather, a little favorite oil/wax and shoe polish, or even dye, on the rot resistant leather washer handle, and you can have black, brown, or even cordovan if it floats your boat. A perfect emergency knife to keep handy, takes up almost no room, and one of the toughest little blades in that sized class, to this very day. For the survival type, please keep in mind military sawbacks were not made for wood, but for ripping through thin sheetmetal, so save the woodsaw complaints for a woodsaw. The knife is true to spec for purpose designed, whether the hex butt originally meant for the socket of a liferaft oar now long extinct, to the Navy spec paint, thickness, and layers sealing the peened tang end. If you like old milspec and faithful to it, this little ol' knife is for you.