Old Hickory Outdoor Knives

In 2019, OKC introduced the Old Hickory Hunting Knife, the first in their new Old Hickory Outdoor product line. The Old Hickory Hunting Knife quickly rose to stardom and became our personal #1 best selling knife over the last 20 years. Since 1924, Ontario has been producing Old Hickory knives and they truly have stood the test of time. Key features of Old Hickory knives include hammer stamped blades and hickory handles with brass rivets. Expanding upon that, OKC released the OH Hunting Knife which is the first Old Hickory knife to include a sheath (leather) for around $20.

In 2020, OKC decided to expand on the enormous success of the Old Hickory brand and the OH Hunting Knife by announcing a dedicated product line for Old Hickory Outdoor knives. Adding to the product offering, OKC is now manufacturing multiple OH Outdoor knives to include something for everyone with the Fish and Small Game Knife, the Bird and Trout Knife, the mini fillet knife and their classic filet knife now coupled with a leather sheath.