About Us

As a knife enthusiast, I'm proud to say I offer the full line of Ontario Knives. My history with Ontario Knives goes back about 15 years now and while Ontario hasn't been the only brand of knife I've carried throughout the years, they've certainly been my favorite. I've exclusively carried Ontario knives for the last 9 years because I believe in them that much.

OKC offers great quality knives at a completely reasonable and affordable price. I know of no other brand that I can say that about as consistently as I can about Ontario knives. Not only are their knives of the utmost quality, so is their staff. In all the years of working with them, they have gone above and beyond to support us distributors time after time.

The image below was taken at the Ontario Knife booth at Shot Show back in 2011 when the Black Bird knife designed by Paul Sheiter (far left) was first introduced (and awarded Best of the Best in Field and Stream).